October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween Bento Lunch

I must apologize for all the late posts I've been making lately. Work is in the way plus a lot of school volunteering happening. I am seriously hooked on Kindergarten activities, and this is what I'm always happy about.  October is almost over, and the end meets the Halloween Event. My kids are having a Halloween parade in school.  All dressed up on their favorite costumes. Mr G was dressed as Harry Potter, and my little one was Belle.  And this is our favorite rhyming chant on Halloween day.

Eepity, creepity, oh what a fright!
Hiding from things that go Bump in the night
Eekity, squeakity, oh such a lark!
I wish I wasn't afraid of the dark.
Turkey ghost cut by bunny cutters on peanut butter sandwiches,
grapes and strawberries on jack o'lantern
and ghost food picks. She also had zombie milk chocolates.
All packed on her Hello Kitty bento box.
Jack O'Lantern, trick or treat
Scary costumes out on the street
Ghosts and ghoulies in the air
Stay inside, beware, beware!
Ghost turkey cut by cuteZcute cutters on cheese ravioli, with
grapes, strawberries and zombie milk chocolates. All packed on
our favorite Easy Lunchboxes.
Eepity, creepity, oh what a scare!
Constantly wondering "who goes there?"
Eekity, squeakity, turn on the light
I don't like the dark on Halloween night!

Hope you had a wonderful time trick or treating around the neighborhood!

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