October 5, 2012

K-Bento: S is for Sandwich Spirals & A Tutorial

Missy A has a Peanut Butter addiction. She can literally snack on it by just spooning it out straight from the jar. Since she can't do that in school, she eats PB sandwiches in so many ways that I could find. One of them is the sandwich spirals that has gone viral on the bento world.  This is the first time I'm sending sandwich spirals to school, but she's been eating it at home as I improve my skills on rolling them tightly and neatly in place.

As part of my K-Bento Alphabet-Themed Lunches, Missy A finally brought them to school and made it to my blog.  She had 4 sets of sandwich spirals skewered on snake picks, with cantaloupe and black grapes.  She was so excited to brag them to her friends in school, whose moms were greatly influenced to make them bento lunches as well.  They compare lunches each time and eat together like best lunch buddies ever.

In addition, I am so thrilled to get a permission from a good friend over at BentOnBetterLunches to use her Sandwich Spirals Tutorial Image. I am so excited to share it with my friends here.  It's self-explanatory. An incredible visual aid to guide you through each step.  It's fool-proof, which led me to accomplish this task in a breeze.  The only thing I did differently is making use of a pair of scissors to de-crust the bread, and a rolling pin to flatten the bread.

I hope you learned something from this post. I know it's worth reading a blog when there are useful informations you can get. If there were any lunch ideas you would want me to feature here, please jot me a comment, and I'd do my best to make it happen.

Happy lunch-packing and make it fun!

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