October 6, 2012

School Lunches: Chicken Taquitos & A Recipe

This is the second time I sent Taquitos to school because it was a success.
Mr G loved taquitos and I'm happy because I found another entree to serve for school lunches.  This time I'm making them myself.  It was pretty tough to roll the tortillas and keep them rolled. I read somewhere that all you need is a toothpick that holds each taquitos neatly in place till they're ready for baking. 

I found a recipe at allrecipe.com that I tweaked a bit to taste like the ones we buy in the market.  Mr. G is pretty particular about the taste of his food. If he likes one taste, it has to be that way all the time. He detects a slight change of it. He has overly sensitive taste buds that makes it tougher in the kitchen for me.  The trick is make use of measuring cups and spoons all the time, which is not so like me. I like just like throwing ingredients in and I play it by smell or taste. He likes it a bit spicy, so I spiced it up with red pepper flakes. Hub used Tabasco.
Recipe can be printed on an 8x11.  Feel free to grab them.
Original recipe was found over at allrecipe.com and has been tweaked according to
our taste buds. Feel free to modify it too.
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