November 28, 2012

Momables Lunch: French Toast

I could never be so lucky to have won 2 giveaways in a row, but I did it.
I love giveaways and try not to miss a chance especially
when it's from a product that I truly love and adore.

About a couple of weeks ago, I won a 3 month free subscription over at MOMables.  It took me every single giveaway to enter until finally my name was drawn and now I'm enjoying the full benefits of a lucky subscriber.  What else could I ask for? I have weekly menus and shopping lists all ready to be put together into 3 full months of scrumptious meals.

11/28/12 French Toast
French Toast Lunch packed on EasyLunchboxes.
French Toast dates back in my childhood.  I learned making one from our cooking class in school. It was the basic egg, milk and bread batter.  So when MOMables had it on their menu for the week of Thanksgiving, I knew I just have to give it a try. It was tweaked in time for the holiday season.  And boy, it tastes so much better. My children were off for 5 days that week, so I saved this particular meal for this week.  It was meant for breakfast, but Mr G just couldn't resist it. He requested it for his lunch again.  He loved it best when topped with powdered sugar, which is packed on a condiment shaker on top left.

If I were to make this recipe again, I would follow as instructed. I didn't have quite enough time to prepare them at night due to lack of planning. MOMables' instruction was to prepare the night before, then bake in the morning.  I did everything in the morning, and just grilled them on the stove top.  The result was yummy but it didn't take much flavor as compared to when it was soaked overnight.  Thank goodness to the powdered sugar.  It saved the meal. Mr G could attest to that. He loved it and placed it in his lunch wish list for the school year.  Another favorite indeed! Btw, even dad who's diabetic took a bite and gave his seal of approval.  And hub did second to that. So I guess you will be seeing more of this on my blog for days to come. This is especially good for bread scraps or just any bread closer to its expiration day.

MOMables could make a great holiday gift to any moms or dads in charge of the kitchen.  It is a genuine life-saver to any household. So if you want to give MOMables a try, please click the button below. And you'd be grateful that you did, just like me.

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