November 30, 2012

Thank you, Goodbyn! {A Review}

 I was feeling fortunate lately when Goodbyn sent me their pink Mix and Match Sets and a bottle for a review and a giveaway.  I was truly ecstatic!  As a matter of fact the review shouldn't be due till my pre-Christmas event, but I just can't wait to thank them enough and show them my sincerest appreciation.  Come back for my giveaway coz that wouldn't happen till next month. 

I must admit my daughter has been eyeing this set to hold her lunches for Kindergarten.  She wanted a pink bottle as well, but due to Goodbyn's inventory, it didn't quite happen.

If I were to rewind our Back to School Shopping back in August, school lunch boxes and bags were one of our topmost priorities for school supplies.  We wanted something reliable, durable, eco-friendly, and kid-friendly.  Every family has their individual preferences.  It is just so happen that ours were simply basic and nothing fancy.  We didn't quite like character ones, with very few exceptions, of course. We want them to suit the season changes as they grow. 

What makes it reliable? 
Boxes are multi-compartmentalized to isolate the foods where you want them to stay till lunch time. The lids seal each compartments making them leak-proof and worry-free. Goodbyn's lids are made of rigid plastic materials that perfectly creates a seal once closed. The lids were designed to be leak-proof yet easy to open.  Perfect for any child or adult.
What is kid-friendly? 
Lids should be easy to open, and close without any help.  Goodbyn has always been designed and known for its easy open lids. Their Mix and Match didn't disappoint us. Its lid is made of a rigid plastic materials that is designed to flip open and close for any individual.  My girl only needs to practice once, and she's on her own in school. No problem.
What is eco-friendly?
AKA environmental-friendly, earth-friendly, green.  At the least it is made of non-toxic product, recyclable, reusable, and reduces waste.  Goodbyn is BPA-free, lead-safe and Phthalate-free. Unlike other lunchboxes, the Goodbyn line of lunchboxes are made of simple materials.  This makes them easily recycled, and reborn into something else. This is why we love our Goodbyn so much.
What is durable?
They are dishwasher-safe and have FDA-approved materials.  They are made of high quality materials that would last long.  I have a feeling that she may outgrow its size, and the box would still look good.
  • It is locally available in two colors: PINK and GREEN.  And soon in BLUE and RED. 
  • It can be personalized with their variety of dishwasher-safe stickers sold separately. Or you can personalize with your own stickers, or leave it as is.
  • You have 3 boxes to choose from when packing lunches, depending on its portion size, which makes it so ideal for preschoolers, kindergartners, and those who simply controls its food consumption.
  •  It comes with leak-proof dippers that has a special place on each container box to prevent it from sliding in the box when transporting them.
We ♥ Goodbyn, and so will you.
I'm a choosy mom and I do it for my kids.
Come back for my giveaway and you shall be rewarded.
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See you soon!!


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