December 3, 2012

Momables Lunch: DIY Pizza Buns

It's the first day of December and Christmas is almost here.
We plan to make all or most of our lunches Christmas-sy for the remaining 10 school days this December.  We don't own any Christmas themed cookie cutters, so it might be a little bit tougher for us  to pull our lunches together.  But we'll try our best and do the countdown.

It's the third today, so there are
more days before Christmas

Today's lunch is inspired by Momables,
The Pizza Buns!

As all of us know, Momables always have an easy fix lunch. That's why I love them for always being so reliable and for fixing kid-friendly lunches all the time.

11/27/12: DIY PIzza
I don't have mini bagels on hand this time, so I made use of hotdogs buns instead. Actually I like the buns better because of their flexibility to fold together and  eat them like pizza sammies.  Missy A is not a fan of pepperoni, so she had turkey bacons on top with Mexican blend of cheese.  I made them a little bit festive by adding the gingerbread girl on the mandarin Cuties.
11/27/12: DIY Pizza
Mr G had a similar lunch except that he had pepperoni toppings on his pizza.  He also had  red globe grapes and red pears on the side.  Both lunches are packed on an Easy Lunchboxes.
11/27/12: Chocolate covered Pretzel & grapes
For her snack recess, Missy A had some fudge coated pretzels and red globe grapes
with a mini apple juice. Snacks are packed on her Goodbyn Lunchboxes - Small Meal Box.

Tools used:
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