December 4, 2012

Grilled Chicken Quesadilla & Holiday Napkins

It's my 2nd day to send something Christmas-y for the kiddos today.  I was planning on doing the 12 days of Christmas themed lunches, but as soon as I could find the needed supplies. For now, it would be just a touch of festivity.

Today I thought of putting out my electric grill for a chicken quesadilla.  I was thinking of cutting them into candycanes and  christmas tree, but before I could do it, the kids stopped me.  They don't like anything fancy today so I have to turn the triangular-shaped quesadilla upside down, and ignore the drive to decorate the tree-shaped quesadillas on their Easy Lunchboxes.


I am so glad I purchased Christmas napkins to go with the their school lunches. I got it through a good friend from Red Poppy Cards & Crafts over at Etsy.


She has a wide selection of gorgeous lunch cloth napkins for all occasions.
Need a specific design? Contact her and let her know that I sent you over.
I honestly adore all of her creations.  They're oh so affordable too.


Their lunches are similar except that Mr G had olives on one of his sides. Missy A doesn't like olives so she has broccoli instead with ranch on her pink cup.  Keeping my fingers crossed that she'd eat her veggies.

I hope you had a great lunch!

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