November 27, 2012

We ♥ Pokemon

Gotta catch them all!

Yep! That's ought to be the mission of a Pokemon fan.
Get them all and complete the National POKEDEX.

My 4th grader boy is a huge fan of anything Pokemon since he was in 1st grade.  He has played and beaten almost all the Generations 3, 4 and 5 Pokemon Nintendo DS games released.  The only exceptions are HeartGold and SoulSilver, he said. It was tough to catch Lugia.  But believe it or not, I learned to play the game too. I get to help him evolve certain Pokemon that needs to earn hp's to evolve. I must admit I enjoyed beating the Elite Four the most. And my favorite game is the Pokemon Black and White. LOVE!!

11-19-12: Pokemon Lunch
I have done a Pokemon lunch in the past, but it wasn't as neat as this.  Through practice, I learned how to use sandwich stampers.  If you haven't seen that post yet, click here.  I decided to skip the cutter and just use the stamper this time because my boy already refuses to bring shaped sandwiches. Oh no! I'm not done sending them yet. A matter of fact I'm just beginning to really enjoy them.

11-19-12: Pichu

So what's the technique behind a good stamped bread?
The rule of thumb is: stamp the bread before assembly. Press as hard as you can. Shift your body weight to the bread for 3-5 seconds, then release. Be forwarned that this will flatten the bread. But once put together, the other slice will give your sandwich a full boost.

My son enjoyed helping with his lunch for school today.
I'm sure any Pokemon fan will do.
Happy lunch-making!

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