December 5, 2012

Happy Birthday, Missy A!

It's been 6 years now since I've given birth to our little angel.  She is the daughter that we've always wanted and a wonderful sister to Mr G.  They are inseparable. We love to think that they're the best of friends every parent would want their children to be.  And no, they're not perfect. As a matter of fact their imperfectness filled each other's needs to grow and learn better.

This day marks the birth date of Missy A. Nothing spectacular planned as compared to last year.  This time she opted for a smaller and simpler party.  Since it's a school day, we sent in 3 dozens of Krispy Kreme Christmas Sprinkle Donuts, juice boxes and apple slices for her class of 24 + 2 of her BFFs and 4 Kindergarten teachers.  We successfully pulled out 2 of her best buddies, which normally aren't allowed, from their respective classes to celebrate with her.  Thanks to their K-teachers for such kind accommodations.

I also sent in her birthday lunch bento on her Goodbyn Lunchboxes - Mix and Match - Small Meal Box.  I made chicken taco this morning, but she opted out for the corn tortilla shell. So she just had the chicken filling and a cracker instead with red pears and Golden Oreos.

After school, she requested for a playdate party at Chuck E Cheese. We booked a party package for 8 kids (for her 3 friends and sibs, plus Missy A and Mr G).  It was a blast! Since it was a weekday, the place was not even packed.  It was just us and another walk-in party group who graced the venue.  We almost had the place to ourselves. It was a fun, cozy evening for all of us. Parents got to catch up on everything and chowed the night away while the kids played and had fun. We liked it better this way. Invite only guests your kids truly interact with, and parents whom you know and care about.  That's what we call a stress-free party. Don't you agree?
Missy A had very few presents, but had her wishlists filled.  So for her it was the best night ever. We plan to do it that way from now on. Have the birthday child write up a wishlist and distribute them to inquirees. Whatever left unfilled is what we purchase for our birthday child.
Hope you had a fabulous and fun Wednesday!
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