January 16, 2013

Bear Loves ONIGIRI

1/9/13 photo 100_3472a_zpsf9d2c321.jpg

First of all, I'd like to make a BIG thank you to my Secret Santa, Keitha of Keitha's Chaos for the generous Christmas Bento Gifts I received last Christmas, which made this day's lunch incredibly possible. I am no expert when it comes to ONIGIRIS. But with this little help, I was able to come up with a very cute lunch for my kids.

1/9/13 photo 100_3477_zpsbbbbe49f.jpg

On our EasyLunchboxes, each one got a bear and a heart-shaped onigiris, with their favorite holiday ham leftovers.  On each smaller compartment are rows of grape tomatoes, and some raisin grapes.

Wishing everyone had a fabulous lunch!


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