January 16, 2013

His & Her Lunch

You must be wondering by now what has happened to us. I have been delayed posting lunches lately.  I've been crazy busy with work (not that I work daily) and with my school volunteering duties.  It's just physically exhausting and mentally draining to even come up with a sensible write-up for each post.  Seriously, I can't just post the lunch picture and hit publish anytime.  It wouldn't be nice to just leave you guessing what's in the box.  So please bare with me.
I made a HIS and HER Lunch last week.  These were one of the days my kiddos prefer different menus.  Most of the time I send in somewhat similar lunches, and just show off  how I pack individual portion size for each. 

Her Lunch: Hotdogs, Wheat Crackers, Pears and Clementines

My Kindergartner, Missy A, loves hotdogs so much. She can eat them every single day, but of course I won't let her. I reserve it for school lunch purposes only. Especially on our morning rush. Since she loves to talk while eating, I have to pack bite-size meals, and a little bit of everything. Over time, she has learned to eat while talking. And has consumed her lunches pretty well within the time alottment.


On her Goodbyn Sandwich container, she had a 4-meal course divided by silicon cups served in a box. She had Whole Wheat fish cracker, hotdog slices, skewered red D'anjou pears, and Clementine orange.

All tools courtesy of Bento USA and Goodbyn Lunchboxes.

His Lunch: Tri-Star Onigiri, Meatballs, Pears & Clementine


As I have mentioned, Mister G is into rice meals lately.  So I thought of re-inventing my ways of sending rice lunches to school.  I didn't like the idea of just throwing the rice on his EasyLunchboxes and top it with the works  anymore.  Since I have 2 kinds of rice molds set, I thought of putting them into good use, and experiment on my new Kawaii Bento cookbook, sent by a good friend, Keitha over at Keitha's Chaos.  Have you visited her lately?  

On his EasyLunchboxes, I made use of the star rice mold and had given my boy (an all-time Star Student in school)  a Tri-star shaped rice and skewers of meatballs, inspired by MOMables recipe.  Have you given MOMables a try yet? There are tons of menus and recipes worthy to be discovered which are all great for work and school lunches.  For as little as $6/month, you get 5 planned menus and recipes per week for a total of 20 lunches a month.  How cool is that?

All tools are courtesy of Bento USA and Easy Lunchboxes.
Also available thru My Amazon Store.
Thank you for your support!

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