January 30, 2013

DIY Cinnamon Rolls with Pillsbury & A TIP

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We love cinnamon buns.  And I, for one, have a big craving for it on colder months.  Not sure why.  We usually get our cinnamon buns at Cinnabon, but we don't have a branch at walking distance, so I decided to find ways to satisfy my cravings when we can't just go.  I need a good recipe for this. But I don't have a bread machine. And that doesn't mean, of course, that it's impossible to make one.  It's just a lot of work. So something quick and easy would be awesome.  Call me lazy, but I'm just so crazy to eat one now.

Pillsbury is a life-saver at this time of the day.  They have Cinnabon pre-made doughs in a can. Not as melt in the mouth kind of thing, but pretty good for someone who wants a stash at home for days like this.  Missy A is fond of this because she gets the chance to help and be a baker at a very young age.

It's as easy as:
  • Pop the can open. 
  • Separate the doughs into 8 buns.  
  • Lay them on greased cookie sheet. I prefer lining it with foil for easy clean up.
  • Bake
  • Frost with cinnamon icing.
Here's how it looked after you baked the rolls.

 photo 100_3541_zpsea07101a.jpg

And, here's after you have frost it with cinnamon icing.  Delectable, isn't it?

1/26/13 photo 100_3542_zpsadf31620.jpg

Before you go, grab some and pack them with fruits.
Slices of Apples or Oranges are great with very sweet treats.
All packed on a Lunchbot Trio for you and me.

1/23/13 photo 100_3546_zps0dbedf43.jpg

A TIP to prevent apple slices from browning:

I usually soak them on ginger ale, apple juice, or any citrus fruit juices.
But I also found out that soaking them on salted water is BEST.
It brings out the sweetness of an apple, 
make them crisper, 
and they even last longer.

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