January 31, 2013

K-Bento: Waffles and Bacons

My Kindergartner, Missy A is a number 1 breakfast eater at home. She eats anything served for breakfast anytime during the day.  That brought the wonderful idea of packing it for school lunches as well.  I always get a high success rate of a clean lunchbox and a happy tummy after school.

Due to my daily crazy schedules, I have lost track of the exact dates I sent in a particular meal. Everyday, I took pictures, upload them in a batch to my image web host, copy the link to blogger, and save just whenever I find time.  I didn't like the idea of a daily stress of coming up with a post anymore. Just because of the high demands of my kids.  I assist with homeworks after school, and re-teach what was learned in school.  Just to make sure they retain it well for chapter tests in the future.

So one school day, Missy A brought breakfast for school lunch.

1/22/13 photo 100_3511a_zps7c8e86b5.jpg

On her Goodbyn Small Snack Box, there are 3 mini cinnamon waffle toast stacked together on a green silicone cup. Next door, you'd find slices of turkey bacons on a yellow cup stoked with a love face bento pick. Across, a chocolate chip cookie is waiting to be devoured with glee, while rows of D'anjou pears are ready to be chowed down. Missy A surely had a great lunch after she went through each cup.  It was one happy meal after all!

If you're in a school lunch rut, consider bringing breakfast for lunch.
Make it huge for the big boys and girls.

Hope your big and little ones had a great lunch too.
Let's make lunches fun for our kids to eat.
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