January 28, 2013

Meatless Meal: Quorn Chicken Cutlets

About a couple of weeks ago, I received a promotional email from Quorn Foods, makers of meatless and soy-free frozen dinners. I was offerred to try out any one of their products {my choice} for a review. To be honest we're not a fan of frozen dinners.  I had mixed emotions toward this offer because I am not quite sure how my children would respond to meatless meat that obviously look like meat.  But I ended up replying with a YES. And I'm just so glad that I did!

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Quorn Foods are made of all-natural ingredients, and are perfect for people who are seeking to eat healthier, but can't find enough time to prepare meals from scratch.  They are the usual, take it out from the freeer, unpack and cook in microwave or oven. We love ours baked in the oven.  Took a longer time, but worth the wait.

They are meatless and soy-free.  They are made with mycoprotein ("myco" is Greek for "fungi").  Yes, you read that right. It's made out of F-U-N-G-I !!  But before you say more, please read on first.  Please know that there are several thousand varieties of fungi in the world.  Many of which are edible and most sought after, like mushrooms, truffles and morels.  For more information, please check on Quorn Foods website and be informed.

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Monday morning, I unpacked a package of Quorn Chick'n Cutlets into our cookie sheet and baked it according to box's instruction.  Sure enough it came out smelling so good that I even took a small slice to taste it.  No trace that it tastes like vegetable, or Fungi.  It's just like white chicken meat, but positively better.

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On Mister G's BRIGHTS EasyLunchboxes, I packed him Quorn Chicken Cutlets that I cut further into bite size, with corn and green pea on one silicone cup, and a ketchup for dipping.  Sides are melon and olives.

1/28/13 photo 100_3560_zps13423f16.jpg

On Missy A's Goodbyn Small Meal Box, she had one whole piece to herself.  I cut it onto bite-sized pieces of Quorn Chick'n Cutlets placed on one compartment, with melon cubes on a green silicon cup, and ketchup on the dipper.

Guess what?  This meal turned out to be perfect! After school, my girl yelled, "Lunch was awesome, mom!! I finished them all! How did you make them?" Really? Make them?  No I didn't.  It was delivered right at our door. I was so beyond relieved.  Finally a meatless and nutritious meal for her to devour in school, worry-free. And Mister G second to that.  I actually had to run to Target to get a stash for them to snack on after school, and some to try out next time. 

The box contains of just 2 meatless & soy-free chick'n cutlets.  Just enough for 2 kids.  It's quite pricey, but if this would make my girl eat healthier, I'd go for it without hesitations.  They have a variety of meatless food products to try.  So if you ever run into school lunch rut, Quorn Foods is a healthy and nutritious way to pack school lunches in under 30 minutes.

Since this is a meatless meal, I'd like to link it up with Bento For Kidlet's Meatless Monday Linky Party.  Please come and check out the party line-ups.


For our little and big eaters with food allergy issues, please bare in mind that this product contains egg and wheat ingredients and is made in a facility which processes milk.  They do not use any ingredients derived from genetically modified sources.  Mycoprotein is high in protein and fiber.  This may cause intolerance in some people.

Let's pack more nutritious lunch for our family.  It's all about a matter of choice.


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