January 5, 2013

Karioka, Panittone & Cheese

Saturday was my first day of work for the year 2013.  I work part time in an office that has off lunch hours. Technically it's been set for 1:00pm, but it actually depends on the bulk of work, or patients should I say.  Mostly, it doesn't happen till 2- 3pm.

I follow my body clock. So when I'm hungry, I eat {no matter what}.  Yes. And how do I do that? Simple. I pack my lunch wherever I go.  It doesn't have to be big and heavy. Anything that can fill up and satisfy an empty stomach is good enough.  Don't you think?
Karioka, Panitone & Cheese
Today, I packed some home-made Karioka {coconut crunchy balls} with maple syrup on the pink cup, panitone with Brie cheese spread on the yellow cup.  And of course a few slices of Christmas aged cheese to munch on while working. Everything packed on a LunchBots Trio. Believe it or not, this saved my day.  It got me worked better and efficiently without any cry of hunger pangs.

I usually can't survive a meal without a rice, but I like finger foods whenever unplanned circumstances arise. It's the easiest way to sneak food into your mouth while working.
I hope you had a great weekend before school even resumes on the 7th, and start un-packing those bento tools once again. Let's re-start making lunches fun like never before.


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