March 12, 2013

Spring is here! Bunnies Everywhere!

Technically, it's not yet Spring till the 20th. But with the warmer weather and the change in time last Sunday, I could feel the fresh breeze of Spring coming really soon. I haven't really prepared anything bento for Spring or Easter yet, but I have one post which went to a Thanksgiving post, which is very wrong and disturbing I think...LOL!! So I thought to re-blog it for the right Season.  Here is the link for that previous post, in any event you still want to see.  

Lunch above was Missy A's. They are PBJ bunny-wich pals, with bunny picks hopping all over the sweet green grapes.  Mini mallows and raisins for treats. Everyone in her class loved this. Two of her friends took a bunny for themselves, as she gobbled whatever was left.

Welcome Spring!

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