March 12, 2013

Mini Pancake Star Bites

I am honestly getting bored of my lunches and thought of putting out the cutters, and try our hands (my girl's) on it once again.  It's fun making lunches with your kids.  Have you tried it yet? 

Lunch below is made with a lot of help from my little fairy princess, Missy A. She makes food with a magical touch.

 photo 100_3887.jpg

She requested for pancakes. And she wants them bite-sized.  So, we thought of cutting them with her choice of mini cutter to go into her Lunchbots Trio.  And it's STAR for that matter. She's addicted to STARs because it's what makes up a wand of a fairy.  She  wanted to put a toothpick on them, but it wouldn't fit right on this box.  SO we'll make them on a different box next time.

On her Lunchbots Trio, we packed mini star pancakes with maple syrup on the yellow mini cup, strawberries on the left compartment, and hotdog wheels on a stick and a ketchup on the pink mini cup.  We have also included a pink mini fork for her to eat her pancakes with.

Also, we made our pancakes from scratch. We like it better that we can control the type of ingredients that goes into our system. Currently, we are on search of hotdog products that could come close to nitrate-free, all-natural and organic meat brand.  My children can't live without hotdogs, so I gotta find something safer and healthier. I heard of Applegate, have you?  I am getting in touch with them and see if they could end my search.  Would let you know :)

Let's find ways to pack lunches FUN and healthy for our family.

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