September 19, 2013

Hop Aboard, Mateys! A Pirate Bento Hop

Ahoy Matey!!

 photo TLAPD-2013-LunchmanBow.png

September 19 is International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Let us all gather the pirates and their crews in peace and board our bento feast.

Our hop participants are divided into 2 groups:
  • The Atlantic Pirates, AKA: The Black Bread's Revenge, and
  • The Pacific Pirates, AKA: The Flying Lunchman (for which I belong), so let's get started encompassing the pirate world by flying with us.
Prepare to be boarded in 3.....2......1...

Of all t' hops I've joined, this be t' fanciest o' them all. And me kiddos be both so willin' t' brainstorm with me. They have t' most creative minds, and I must keep up with 'em. T' good news is, they'r pretty easy t' please. Anythin' done by mom be t' greatest. T' coolest?

We hop every year, and if you missed it last year, here's a link that can brin' you aft t' fun. 

Check aft a little later t' see another lunch that didn't make it for today's post.

Now, let's head over to Shannon of Bento Lunch and dig into her pirate booty feast....ARRR!!

Bento Lunch

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