October 10, 2013


Food for your Lunchboxes!

My schedules had been crazy busy for the past weeks. How have you been?  I honestly miss blogging a lot, as I have tons of lunch pictures on my camera. And I'm trying my best-est to upload them on my computer to start blogging the kids' lunches once again.  Bare with me. This busy momma has so much on her plate right now. We will soon catch up and get back on track.

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The kids are requesting for PIZZA lunch. I don't have the needed ingredients for the crust, so I have to think of a way to deliver it in the best possible alternative.  Then I thought of PIZZADILLA.  Why not? I have all the ingredients to stuff it.  Back in November, I featured Pizzadilla for the very first time on my blog before it became famous.  I was even undecided whether to call it Pizzadilla or Pizzawich. If you missed that post, check it out here!

This lunch is very easy and quick to prepare.  I have an electric griller that does the trick for me each time. It's all about warming both sides of the flour tortilla before even spreading the marinara sauce over, then add cheese, pepperoni, olives, mushrooms, etc.  You can eat it like we normally eat a pizza, or top it with another warmed flour tortilla.  Flip. Wait till cheese has melted, and tortilla is slightly toasted and crisped. Then serve/pack.

Prep ahead of time!
  • Wash and pre-cut fruits and vegetables the night before.
  • Decide which lunchbox to use and have all the silicone cups, picks, utensils, napkins, and other gears ready on the kitchen countertop by night.
  • Refill water bottles and refrigerate them.  If you're using non-thermal bottles, you might want to consider to freeze them overnight to double as icepack for lunches, and be thawed in time for recess and lunch, and still cold.  Consider that for warmer weathers though.
We need lunch ideas as well. We are open for suggestions.  If you have any lunch that you would want to be featured on my blog, please send me an email along with your name, the lunch picture and description.  I will gladly feature your creation!  All lunch credits belong to you

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