October 5, 2014

Honest Summer Refreshers

We love ice cold lemonade to help us cool down at the height of summer heat.  A blend of a flavorful fruit drink or tea, makes the experience even better.  Honest® has the perfect blend of our kind of beverage. Honest® twist with organic lemons and sweetened it with Fair Trade sugar to help our farmers invest in their communities.

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Summer of 2014, I was sent by Honest, their new line of lemonades, (2) of their 32-fl.oz. glass bottles of Lemonades to try as we enjoy summer with kids in our household, under no obligations to purchase or to review.  We had the pleasure to taste Mango Lemonade and Half & Half Lemonade Tea, which we think are 2 of their great tasting lemonades.

Reasons why we love them:
After enjoying 2 bottles of Honest Lemonades, our family has switched to Honest Summer Refreshers.  We have served them for parties, or even as beverage at home.  We have received great feedback on them, and has been our kids' favorite choice of lemonade drink so far.  It's honestly refreshing and healthier than any other lemonade we have tasted so far.  Believe it or not, but we drink them all season round, which is why we highly recommend them at any season of the year.  We love them with shaved ice on hot days, and just cold anytime of the year.

Thank you Honest Tea Company for always sending us your new products to try.  We love them!!

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