December 31, 2013

HESH Heart 13

A Year End Review

Year 2013 has been truly an amazing and productive year for us, as a family. A budding year that sparked a promising and a stable career for me. A career that gave me the flexibility to work and care for my kids full-time.  The career that gave us the capability to purchase our very own home after 11 years of married life. It is also the magic year that dismissed our son from ASD after careful re-assessment.  A fulfilling year that put me into the PTA board member, and my son into Student Council Alternative President.  A threatening but miraculous year, when dad had a stroke, but had overcome it without any nerve, organ, or vessel damage. A forgiving year that rescued my marriage and my family from breaking apart. Truly, God is wonderful and great. I thank him for everything.

I am also thankful for being a part of the Bento Bloggers and Friends for the much needed inspiration and support in almost everything, may it be bento-related or not.  I have continued to pack lunches to school and work despite of my hectic schedules and busted camera.  But of course, with my new DSLR, I think I'd be able to go back blogging my lunches in 2014. Hooray for that!

We, the Bento Bloggers and Friends, have agreed to put up our favorite thirteens. I would not consider it my top 13, but my favorites. How did I choose my favorites?  Here are the criteria that influenced my choice.
  1. Pageviews
  2. Most Requested Meals
  3. Ease of Preparation
  4. Blog Hops
  5. Recipe
Hover on the images below and click the individual images to direct you to its corresponding blog post. Enjoy the following posts and hope that this will bring inspiration to your 2014 lunch packing madness.

 photo PizzadillaSteps.jpg photo DIYPC.jpg Rock the Lunchbox
Quesadilla StripsJan14-17 photo Jan14-17_zpsf32bb11d.jpg photo IMAG2172.jpg
 photo 100_3930.jpg1/22/13 photo 100_3516ads_zpsfc4531a6.jpg photo 100_4015.jpg
 photo TLAPD-2013-LunchmanBow.png2-3-13 photo 100_3605.jpg2-20-13 photo 100_3836.jpg
 photo 100_3936.jpg

Thank you!!
Have a healthy and blessed 2014!!

Please push the button below to see more 13 Favorites from the rest of the Bento Bloggers and Friends.

Top 13 of 2013 photo BBFtop13of2013.jpg

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